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Exotic!  Eclectic!  Vintage!  East-meets-West!

We’re BACK! Our wonderful pop-up shop on Mill Road, Cambridge UK had to pop down eventually, but we've morphed into a market stall at Cambridge Market, in the city centre! TUESDAYS 10am - 4pm behind Great St Mary's. PLEASE DROP BY!

Pamela Wesson  +44(0)7956 370400   FB:Pam's Fantasia

What’s for sale right now?


The very whisper of its name evokes an emporium of the eclectic and exotic — a joyous jumble of antique woodblock prints, mirrors, ceramics, textiles and housewares; vintage designer clothes, cheap chic fashion, jewelery; games, toys... anything that's fun and decidedly different.


Fantasia is inspired by nostalgia for our family's 17 happy years in Japan and my own 27 years in Paris. Many items here were collected during those days.

Customer reviews
"Ali Baba's treasure cave"... "Unique in Cambridge"... "Very Mill Road"


Where’s Fantasia?

We've landed on our feet

in the center of historic Cambridge. Check out our market stall on Tuesdays behind Great St Mary's,

10am to 4pm!

Please "Friend" Pam's Fantasia on Facebook for our latest pop-ups, shows, news, triumphs, whinges, and happenings.


–– Pam Wesson, 2016

Lots of beautiful items for sale coming soon! Any day now! Really!...