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We’re HERE till mid-Jan 2020 our enormous pop-up shop at
64 Mill Road (near Mawson Road, Cambridge UK CB1 2AS). We share

our shop with Romsey Retro, Dixie,

Mr. Free, Sam Barker.

Sun Mon Tues 12-5pm or later

Wed Thurs Fri Sat 11-6pm or later


Pamela Wesson  +44(0)7956 370400  FB:Pam's Fantasia


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What’s in store for you?


The very whisper of its name evokes an emporium of the exotic and eclectic —
a joyous jumble of new and vintage designer clothes for men <–> women...
slow fashion, dazzling jewellery, kimono, toys,  woodblock prints, antiques, ceramics, world textiles, housewares, provocative photography... anything that’s fun and decidedly different.


Inspired by nostalgia for our family’s 17 years in Japan and my 27 years in Paris, Fantasia opened in the Hope Street Yard in 2013 and then ‘popped-up’ on Mill Road.

Where’s Fantasia?

We will be pleased to receive you at 64 Mill Road CB12AS.

Mill Road is Cambridge's most colourful area, full of  exotic restaurants, charity shops, and Cambridge history.

Make a day of it!


Customer ‘reviews’
“Ali Baba's treasure cave”... “Most quirky shop in Cambridge”... “Very Mill Road... “Can I work here?”...  “Where do you get all this stuff?”


Please follow Pam's Fantasia on Facebook for our latest news, triumphs, whinges, and community happenings.


– Pam Wesson, December 2018